Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Joy!

So after all the flooring issues Patrick and I traveled to Louisville for Christmas, we were able to make it to Mass at Patrick's home church, which is his favorite family tradition and then we were able to spend Christmas morning with my dad and the evening with my mom. We had a wonderful time and I fell in love with my mom's Christmas decorations. I am so lucky to have such a wonderfully creative mother, hopefully I have gotten some of these talents.. I thought Id share some of my favorite pictures with you all!

The big tall huge Christmas tree which I love love love!!! Its decorated with dark red brown and white... So gorgeous. Also my mom hung her Christmas lights on her patio vertically, suspending them from a cable. It was soo cool and when the wind blew it looked like snow a little!

Here's the handsome husband reading his new Christmas book! And one of my favorite things, magnolia leaf garland swagged on the stairs.

The built ins where every nook and cranny is filled with something Christmas!

And my mom put Christmas all through the kitchen too. Nutcrackers, and reindeer, and snowmen oh my!

I just love all of my moms decorations!! She will probably be mortified that I took these pictures without straightening everything first.... Anyone who knows her knows how weird she is about stuff like that! I also wanna brag on her for a minute because she is designing a house for the up coming Southern Indiana Home Show. Congrats mom I love you!


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