Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bathroom, Before and After

Our Bathroom before...

Don't get me wrong I do love my house and I feel so blessed that we have a new home, but our bathroom needed some TLC! Before it had the same color walls as our master bedroom. This color is a really dark shade of green, it doesn't photo well it was really dark and our bathroom in small and no windows so it looked like a cave! The only thing we had done at this point is take down the large builder mirror and put up the two oval mirrors.

The lovely light bar... so special! (you can really see how dark the walls are here!) Everyone watch out an amateur electrician at work taking down the light bar! (btw if anyone wants the lovely light bar just let me know I would be so happy to donate it and all its heat bulbs!...hahaha)The new light, so I know its an outdoor light... but I love it! The hubs wasn't sold at the store, but it really does look cool!Before- no bead board.
After- Bead Board, still not painted or filled in this picture. I just love it though it makes a substantial impact on a small budget and its super easy to install!

Complete: Although you can't tell from the photos the color is so light and bright. It's Antique White from Behr and I absolutely love how it turned out! It look so much bigger and brighter!

I still wanna get a new picture or shelf or both for above this towel rack... I'm on the lookout!

Side by side before and after!
All for under 180$!
Were on to the fence this weekend! Please pray!!!
God Bless,


  1. CASSIE! It's beautiful! Please come help my bathrooms {they need it}!!!!


  2. hi cassie! i somehow found your blog on your facebook profile. i just started one myself (, so i thought i'd become a follower if you don't mind me listing it on my blog as well..i'm still very new at it so hopefully i can figure that out. it looks like you're doing well! i love the bathroom and am so jealous of your beautiful home! you and pat look so happy :)

    amy s