Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I thought in order to spread some Christmas cheer i would share our holiday decorating! I had so much fun decorating our first home for Christmas both inside and out!

Even chip got i on the holiday decor!
My favorite, my mom got Patrick and I needlepoint stockings last year for Christmas!

A holiday use for an apothecary jar! Put some snow and cheesy little fake people and make a Christmas scene! I love it!

Garland!!! I didn't buy pre-decorated garland because we needed a lot and its super expensive. For the amount I needed it would have been 500.00... So instead I got the cheap pre-lit and some inexpensive fake poinsettia bushes some bows and borrowed some ornaments from the tree and voila! Instant garland for right around 50.00~!

Here is my favorite holiday craft idea. We had some blank space to fill and nothing to fill it so i bought these cheap frames from walmart 3.00 each and a can of gold spray paint 2.50 and then i dry brushed a little red craft paint over the top and stuck some our favorite Christmas cards from last year in there for 8.50 two great pieces of art, and i still have left over spray paint!

Our tree, I stuck with red and gold throughout the whole house, just use what you got!

Outside: I did the same thing with Garland super easy!!

Our lights! Ohh how I love Christmas!

I hope everyone out there is having just as much fun as me decorating for Christmas! Enjoy this time of year with your friends and family because before you know it it'll be over!

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