Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not So wonderful words this Wednesday

Ok so today my post is dedicated to all who shop at the Jasper Indiana Walmart, what a special group of people, and not special in a good way but special in the stop eating the paste kinda way.

Dear Lazy lady who changed their child somewhere in the Walmart store and left the poopy diaper on the bottom of the cart,
Thanks for sharing the joys of children with us this Holiday season. You really gave me something to look forward to.

Dear Amish/ Mennonite People who are bussed in by the hundreds,
Be Nice!! Thanks for reminding us that simplicity includes Walmart electronics inclusive of portable dvd players and pre-paid cell phones, oh yeah and one more thing BE NICE!!

Dear Checkout girl who proved ignorance is true bliss,
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to practice my Spanish and for the reminder that just because you don't speak English you are still human and do deserve as much respect as any other customer. Perhaps when your checking out Hispanic people you should remember that!! And also it wasn't their fault that you didn't know what cilantro was. Have a blissful holiday!

Dear Crazy Man in the parking lot driving a huge truck with the Confederate flag decal across the back window,
You may have wanted my parking space and your impatience was made crystal clear when I went three spaces down to return my cart to the cart receptacle and you threw your hands up off your steering wheel and mouthed a few choice words at me.... I'm going to choose to think you were just wishing me a Merry Christmas.

It just amazes me how much the Christmas Season has lost, we are so afraid to not offend someone that we have stopped sharing the true reason for Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior. Truly when walking around Walmart for one hour today I couldn't find Christmas Spirit anywhere, it was sooooo upsetting. People are so focused on giving gifts that they have forgotten why were giving.
So now I am gonna go plug in our tree lights and watch Eloise at the Plaza, hopefully I wont be such a Scrooge after this dose of Christmas spirit!

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