Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Im in love, Im in love, and I dont care who knows it!

This past Friday started off pretty badly. the hubs and I got up at 6:30 on his day off so I could go and get stuck with a needle for the third time in 6 days. Three hours later I got a phone call from my gyn's office (which by the way I let go to voicemail, immature I know but its way easier to not have to interact with the bad news) and my beta-hcg test was declining. This means no baby this month... Pretty dark day until about 1:30.
That afternoon we met with our new RE (reproductive endocrinologist). He is an amazing doctor and I LOVE HIM! The first thing he said was "ahh your young, I love youth" and about 50 times during our consult he said, "you're just so young". It was so nice to hear. I was also delighted to hear all the answers to my questions that I have been asking my gyn's nurse for the past six months and she had nothing to say... The doctor explained to me that women, like me, who have PCOS are most commonly prescribed Clomid. For these women 50% will get pregnant and 50% will not. I am obviously a part of the 50% that did not, and for those women the side effects caused by clomid are way more severe. Example- I was shocked to step onto the scale and discover that in the past 7 months since I started taking Clomid I had gained an additional 27 pounds. I was horrified, but the doctor reassured me it was quite normal for women who do not get pregnant to gain this much or even more weight from Clomid. Also I explained to him how my periods have gotten increasingly more painful and the blood is no longer red, its brown. He said this is a tell tale sign that my endometriosis is back and he immediately recommended that I have another laproscopic surgery. For women with endometriosis Clomid does one of two things, makes you pregnant so it goes away, or makes it increase at a high rate. Boy aren't I lucky!
Needless to say I wont be taking Clomid anymore. I have a total new plan of action! We are taking this month off to let all of the hormones get out of my system. In the mean time I have begun a drastic diet and exercise program. Don't judge. If you had gained as much weight as I have since your wedding you would too! We are hoping to schedule my surgery for sometime this cycle. It shouldn't be to bad. I've gone through it before, it's minimally invasive and quick recovery time and hopefully my cramps will stop! Then we are on to our new course of hormone treatment!! Femara and follistem injections! The doctor explained to us that I will not have near as many side effects from the new medication, no blurred vision, no mood swings (Pat is sooo thankful for this), and maybe even weight loss!!! Hallelujah! And it works twice as well!
Pat and I were so pleased with this course of action and elated that the RE didn't shove IVF (in-vitro fertilization) down our throats. He said IVF is still far off and we have A LOT of options before we get that far. So all and all it was a wonderful day we left feeling so positive and refreshed. My husband and I could not have asked for a better match in an RE. He is being really agressive but at the same time conservative. Im in love!
In the mean time, I awoke this morning to greet an old friend. Hello Aunt Flo. Thanks for bring me a lovely gift complete with terrible, awful, no good, very bad cramps and of course bloating. Ahh how I look forward to the days when you don't appear every month! Hopefully very soon! Until then I will continue to be a crampy camper who gets to boss my husband around for a few days! YAY!


  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello! I think you and your husband are soooo cute. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having difficulties adding to your family. Lots of love and prayers to you and your husband… Hang in there! I guess sometimes it’s hard to sit and wait! Hugs to you!!

  2. Do you mind sharing your weigh loss plans... I'm as big as a bear. FAT. you would laugh if you saw all my rolls right now. Help me. Share your secrets!!!!

  3. I just looked at your blog from Brit's and I too have PCOS. I have a baby that is 14 months and just got pregnant with #2! My first baby I had a laproscopy and was taking Metformin, you might want to ask about that med. It also helped me lose weight! This pregnancy I wasn't taking Metformin and we just tried on our own, so we were blessed to conceive - be encouraged that PCOS patients can conceive and have beautiful babies!