Thursday, April 29, 2010

A double barf kinda day...

Boy its official I am 24 years old (celebrated last week) and this year has started out with a bang. A few days before my birthday I had several procedures done that added up to an out patient surgery. Recovering from that was a wonderful way to spend my birthday... but it was super productive. Because I have endometriosis I had a laparoscopic procedure to reduce the amount of endometirial lining outside of my uterus and find the active endometiral spots. They were able to achieve both and hopefully it wont be a problem any longer. I also had a D & C and a hysteroscopy done both being extremely successful. They did find an extremely large ovarian cyst that they immediately cut into, drained, and biopsied. So now with everything cleaned out and in tip top condition hopefully we will have some luck.
Which brings me to the barf. It really is a lovely way to start the day, morning sickness. But before you get too excited it wasn't me throwing up it was Henry, our great dane pup. I rolled over to hear him dry heaving i lifted the blanket up off his cage just in time for the money shot. ALL OVER! I think we may have the barfiest dogs on the planet! So i got up and cleaned up everything. What a way to start the day.
Soon after I called my gyn office to let them know I started my period (totally excited Pat and I abstained this month because of the surgery) which is GREAT news because I started naturally with no help from hormones. This is the first time I have started by myself since 2008! Here is where the second barf comes into play. I was talking to our nurse who is really great and knowledgeable about the whole process and she was telling me about the new medications I am going to be taking. They are way more aggressive than the clomid I had been taking previously both in strength and in price! When she told me the estimated cost of these medications I nearly had a heart attack! However I got off the phone and you guessed it BARF! I have such a nervous stomach and thinking about spending thousands of dollars really gets things moving for me! I did call my wonderful husband who assured me we would be ok. That we are totally able to do this and its something we really both want and are willing to sacrifice for.
So this month on day three we will be starting femara and then later in the week we will be starting a series of follistem injections and then we will be going for an estrogen lab test around day 11. If it comes back with good levels we will have an ultrasound around day 14 and then a novarel injection and then IUI.
I am super hopeful about this month. I have been listening for God very intently for the last few weeks hoping to hear some kind of direction for me and my family. The amazing thing is I feel I have heard him. Its truly amazing when you are looking for God all the places you can hear and feel the presence of his word. I feel so blessed to have been woken up! And I really feel like positive changes are in order for our family!
So despite the barf morning I feel like today is going to be a beautiful day!
God Bless,
Cassie R.

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