Monday, May 3, 2010

Earth Week Projects!

This year Pat and I really got into the spirit of Earth week/month. I have been doing some reading about greening your home and your yard. Boy do we have a long way to go! But I thought I'd start it off with a couple of projects around the house. The first is this window. There were pictures of Pat and I hanging in the guest bedroom and Pat thought they were kinda creepy and no one wanted to look at them before going to bed. So I found this window at a local antique mall for 13.00!!! We got a hook from home depot with glass knobs (because I am obsessed) and hung it with some wire. The whole project was under 20.00 and we got a recycled piece of wall art!
The next project I am really really in love with. I am ashamed to say it but for the year and 2 months Pat and I have lived here we haven't recycled. No reason other than being lazy and Jasper's system is kind of complicated. But the other problem I was having was where to keep recyclables so my handsome husband built me a bin. Not just any bin but one made from scrap pieces of wood and bead board. We only had to purchase a small piece of lumber, a glass handle, and some chalk board paint. Everything else we had. We just had to put it together!Here's a shot mid-construction. Just a basic box with dividers. but of course I had to cover it in bead board. But it really was all left over from two previous projects! A little paint and that fancy knob and voila! (please don't mind the dog. He sits like that whenever we take out the camera!)

On the inside my husband nailed in some dividers and I painted the bottom of the lid with chalk board paint so I could label the bins. I think this was such a neat project and in the future it could have another purpose! A toy chest, storage bench, or a recycling center! And it is almost all scraps we were going to throw away.

LOVE that handle!

Now i'm off to the library... that's was my third project. Go to the library and get a card! I know it seems silly and old, but #1 Jasper doesn't have a book store so anything you want comes fro amazon and that's a huge carbon foot print for a small book you're going to read once, and #2 it's free! How wonderful!
-In other news Pat and I are starting our follistim injections this evening. (Ill let you all know how that goes) We could really use your prayers this month! So many needles and drugs, but so worth it!
God Bless,
Cassie R.

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