Thursday, August 12, 2010

To Pumice or not to pumice?

Around my house funny things are always going on I feel like my husband and myself are constantly laughing at each other, and that is a wonderful blessing. So today I thought I'd share one of my favorite beauty secrets and a funny anecdote to go along with.

First the funny: In May my husband broke out the flip flops, his beloved rainbows. I have had mine for years. I venture to say its one thing i could not live without them. Well my darling says to me me "my feet are really nasty, like cracky and stuff." Anyone who knows me knows I don't like feet, i hate them. So i told him he could go get a pedicure and they would fix it or I could buy a new pumice stone and he could work on them gradually at home. Pat opted for the at home option so I bought a pumice stone. I even bought a fancy two sided one, one side course for feet and one side soft for hands, elbows, and others skin spots. I told Pat I bought it, I put it in the shower, and I explained to him how to use it. "Wait until your feet get a little soft from the water, and then rub the course side on the bottom of your feet. It will take off the dead skin."
The next afternoon I got the funniest phone call in which my husband said this " Are you sure that thing you bought is OK? My feet hurt so bad I can barely walk on them, I think I may even be bleeding a little bit!" I surely didn't know what to say I had used the pumice by now and my foot situation was A OK! I asked Pat if he waited for the water to make them soft to which he replied. "Yes I waited, that's why my shower was so long this morning. I waited like 5 min until my feet were sooth then I pumiced each foot for like 10 min." BAHAHAHA He had literally pumiced all the skin off the bottom of his feet. And the funny thing is i can really see him in the shower going to town on his feet. How silly. Needless to say now Pat refuses to use the pumice and he doesn't like that every time I think about it I laugh out loud! A grown man literally pumiced all the skin off his feet!
Ok enough picking on Pat now for the beauty tip:
The other side of the pumice stone, the fine side that is to be used on skin is a wonderful exfoliator. About every third time I shave my legs I lather up my legs with my dove bar and then use the pumice stone to exfoliate. I rub it against the hair all up and down my legs then I shave. My legs have never been so smooth, my razor rash has almost completely gone away, and I have been able to cut down the number of leg shaves in a week! It really stays smoother longer. I would how ever be weary to buy the right pumice stone. The one I bought was from Walmart it was green on one side and white on the other (the white side is the skin side). Its a wonderful summer short season beauty tip!
Disclaimer: Pumice at your own risk! It can be dangerous!

Cassie R.

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  1. laughing so hard I am cryin!!!!....bahahaha Pat!!!