Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 11

Today, Day 11 is just an ordinary day of shots. I was really able to give myself the shot in fact I like giving it to myself better than letting Patrick do it. It's kinda gross but it's similar to letting someone else pop a pimple for you, it hurts really really bad, but doing it yourself does not really hurt all that much... The first time was kinda difficult, but I just have to tell myself that this is a means to a terrific end!
Tomorrow is a big day for us. Up bright and early for blood work. When you take Follistim and Femara they test your estradoil level to make sure it is similar to the follicle count. For every follicle that you have that produces an egg you should have 100 estradoil level. The last time it was successful I have an estradoil count of 586 and I had lots of follicles but from that number they could tell that only 6 or so were going to release eggs. Really its just another way of keeping track and responsibly using fertility medication. We are hoping for many large follicles tomorrow! After blood work we go in for an ultrasound and then tomorrow night I get the shot of all shots! Exciting news.
Please keep Patrick and I in your prayers, we could really use them!
Ill let you know tomorrow how it all goes!
This was the scene around my house last night! I love my little family so much. That's our 150 great dane curled up in the little corner, my 6 foot husband, and our Wheaton all using the same sofa... I think we may need a sectional!

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