Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Update:

This past week was filled with enjoyable, but hard work. I spent four days and three nights packing and moving my dad from his house. It was so much fun because my Aunt came from Nashville and we always have such a good time hanging out!
However, someone needs to call A&E because my dad is a hoarder. He has such a hard time getting rid of things its crazy! We had a ten minute argument about a video camera he and my mother purchased in 1992. It was the large shoulder sitting one that recorded straight onto VHS tapes. The irony of the situation was that he no longer owns a VCR to play the tapes and yet he still would not let it go!! Finally after a long discussion and the realization that Goodwill could sell it for 2.00 he parted ways with his beloved video camera. Some other things he chooses to hold onto:
1.Multiple baking dishes of the same size
2. More pots and pans than one man needs, all remarkably similar in size
3. Kitchen Utensils
4. Any pictures or wall hangings ever given to him
From my dad's new place I went to my mom's house and got to spend some quality time with her parents! It was so much fun to catch up and visit with my grandparents who now split their time between Arizona and Washington. We also got to go to the St. James Art Fair in Louisville... So many beautiful things to look at! And last night my mother and her boyfriend Kevin made a crab boil for dinner! YUMMY! Also my grandma made a blueberry pie special for me!
After a long week I am so happy to be home with my husband and my little monster dogs! We are getting ready to start another cycle of fertility drugs this week and we are very excited, because now we know it can work!
Ill keep everyone posted on the day to day this month what all it entails. I have had several people ask and e-mail what happens day to day with these cycles so I'm going to be very specific this month and keep a detailed diary!

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