Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Garage Renovations are Complete!!!!!!!

Finally after about a month of work on our garage we completed all of the work! I am so happy to finally be done it is so organized and so wonderful! I love it!!!

Before: No finished drywall, the floor was a mess and the storage and work bench was confined to my vintage table and crap every where!

Our make shift work bench and the dry wall seemsWorking on the dry wall

My handsome husband (I tell him over and over again brown and black don't go together)After all the finish dry walling is complete, what you cannot see is the inch of dust over all of our possessions.

After all the dry walling was complete we painted the garage, we painted it the same green as our living room. I know its weird to paint your garage a color but we had 2.5 gallons left and couldn't decide if it was more weird to paint it green like the rest of our house or buy new paint for the garage when we had tons of left over... oh well at least it looks good!

Before: After dry wall and paint came the floors. I previously used the garage floor as a drop cloth for my many household projects so we got a 2 part epoxy finish to seal and cover the concrete. I think it turned out nice and the best part is it cleans really easy! After: Clean painted floors (with decorative flakes for gripping when the floor is wet)

Finished walls and floorStarting on Patrick's man station... work benchAdded a top and a storage shelf
Complete with peg board for organization and paint for the bottom and poly for the top (had to seal it so germs from man stuff could be washed off easily)

Happy handsome hubby with a complete work bench and organized tools! Now onto the wife's project!

Before: this is the area we keep all our shoes and the dog's leashes and random stuff. Since our garage enters our house right in the dining room/kitchen we keep our shoes outside, What a mess!

So I came up with a design and my wonderful husband was able to bring it to life! What an amazing man! Here is my storage unit in the works

Here it is all finished with hooks for everything and way to much room for shoes! Oh well I guess I'll have to get some more!

Our completed garage... a panoramic shot I know its kinda weird to be so proud of a garage but strangely I love it and I'm so glad we put in the hard work!
Onto the next project, up next is a real big one... the back yard fence. The good news is my dad, the closest person to Bob Villa that I know will be here for a whole weekend to help and teach us how to put up our own fence. For now I'm just glad its over as you can probably see the garage was a mess it was but it is all better now!


  1. Looks great! Our garage looks like a dump. We need a Cassie and Pat renovation.

  2. i think that your garage is nicer than our house. is that ok? also i LOVE what you designed for your shoe & jacket station. I always thought that when I had a mud room (if ever) i would have a station like that...maybe with a little bench too. now that i have a garage i could make that my mud room like you all?? good idea!!

    its ALL great! if Ben read blogs he would want that work bench! you all are so handy!

  3. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.