Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 jobs 1 day...

For the past year (wow time flies!) I have been living the dream, a stay at home wife. With all the free time in the world I am able to complete projects, blog, play with my puppy, and visit my family and friends whenever I want. However, this whole year I have been applying all over my small town and never getting hired. A wise old man once told me to get somewhere in Jasper "You either gotta know somebody or blow somebody" (please excuse the pure crudeness), ITS TRUE. I never realized how small towns operate and since we know next to no one and I am certainly not going to actualize the second part of that lovely saying the job hunt has been unsuccessful.
Then my prayers were answered, my favorite store in all of Jasper, this amazing little boutique located in the historic center of town called me in for an interview!! I went in an instantly clicked with the owner, she is wonderful and the store is such a creative environment and filled with soooo many beautiful things. The job consists of 2.5 days of work and off days that coincide with Pat's off days!! Since we get limited time together and he likes me at home this seemed like the perfect job and since it was the first one of the year I was really happy!
I walked out of the store with my starting date and a smile, as I was walking to my car I could see my phone in the front seat ringing so I quickly answered it, it was my dad's lovely girlfriend telling me she had found me a job! I couldn't believe it! She had gotten me an interview for a full time receptionist position at a dentist's office... What do I do? After a lot of thinking I decided to go to the interview this morning just to be polite and then I fell in love with the office and the people!!!!! AHHHH I'm so torn because this job pays almost quadruple the other job, but I will be working full time including Mondays (Pat's off day). Undecided. Luckily the dentist office is granting me a working interview tomorrow to see if I am cut out for office work. So who knows! Please Pray for Patrick and I as we try to make this decision! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful gifts in our life and now were waiting for a clear sign to see whats right for our family. I'll keep you all posted!

God Bless,

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  1. prayers from jen. although if you read my post from yesterday i think you know which of the two jobs i would take!!!

    love you!