Friday, September 11, 2009

Just a few things to get off my chest....

So i totally and completely love my husband, more than I ever thought possible. Lately, however I have noticed some small behaviors that really tick me off. Due to my lack of employment and the slight case of OCD that I suffer from my house is always pretty much clean... and not just clean spotless. My husband just seems to be intent on destroying that! I know its not polite to gripe about your husband but if one newly-wedded wife out there can identify with me I think I will feel better.

Here is a really neat trick ladies, although the hamper is 7 feet away (yes I measured) my husband likes to stow his dirty clothes under the bed. HOW WEIRD. He calls these clothes- not so dirty - which means he is going to wear them again. Why not fold them and put them on a shelf in the closet???? I always forget to look here before I do laundry and end up with dirty clothes when I'm finished which is really aggravating!
Here is another neat thing Bass Master on the night stand...
Oh and I forgot to mention my husband does NOT read in bed.

The printer on the floor with paper thrown about. I Know that in an office there is going to be technical equipment. I fully understand this concept, but will somebody please tell me why I spent time and money decorating this office for Pat when he chooses to accessorize with a printer??? UGGGG and its been there a while.

Here is another one of my personal favorites. Yes the hamper may be full and yes I may be a little behind on laundry, but does it have to spill out onto the floor?? Can you not get it in the basket??? REALLY????

Ohh laides here is my favorite, this morning I came in to check my e-mail and play on facebook when I discovered this disgusting germ ridden reminder that I married a little boy with a big-boy job, A dirty used band-aid. Oh my word! How disgusting!

I know it may seem like I have a real problem with my husband, but really I am so thankful that all I have to gripe about are these little things. Our life is in fact pretty wonderful, I just had to vent and try and seek some sort of reassurance that my husband is not the only one with these silly little quirks.
I hope everyone is having a marvelous day!
God Bless,


  1. I laughed so hard when I read this! =)

  2. you're your mom. remember when we stuck post-its all over your fridge and cabinets because your mom hated clutter.

    you're your mother's daughter. that is so awesome.

  3. This post is hysterical! I am also a little type a when it comes to cleaning & I am married to a pack rat! It's not good! haha