Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day

My hope on this Labor Day weekend is that all of you have wonderful plans and are going some where fun and exciting. Of course my husband and I can't go anywhere because of his demanding job, but we do have Monday off! HOWEVER you can probably guess what we will be doing... LABOR. We are going to finish the garage!!! Completely done, shelving, work bench, peg board, and my coat and shoe center! Wish us luck!
I thought since I cant go on vacation this week I would share some photos of our latest vacation. We spent a wonderfully relaxing week in Kennebunkport Maine this June, ohh the memories!

Even though the beach was cold it was still so amazing and romantic

Truly the most amazing scenery! I can't imagine what it would be like to live here and always be surrounded by beauty and history.My happy handsome husband loving the beach and smoking a cigar! Oh and I may look like the Gorton's Fisherman but you have to wear that to go deep sea fishing and since I love my husband (and he spent a whole day antique shopping) I agreed to go no matter how silly I looked!

Walker Point... summer home of the Bush family! The best part of the trip for these two Republicans!

Happy Labor Day!

God Bless,



  1. I've never been to the North East but I'd really like to someday. These pics reminded me of that.

    AND I laughed really hard at you in the fisherman suit. You're a good wife Mrs. Cassie!

  2. that town looks absolutely beautiful. makes me want to go travel up there someday. it makes my heart melt!

    you look so so pretty (as always). so glad you are doing well. hope all is well up in IN.