Friday, May 14, 2010

My Black Thumb...

Has turned GREEN! The clematis on the mail box last year it only grew 6 inches!

My Hydrangea finally bloomed for the first time!

I planted lavender in the back yard and IT GREW! Last year I killed 10 container plants including 2 lavender.

Our Rose bushes finally bloomed!

And my wisteria came back!!!! We up-rooted it from the front yard in early Spring and put it a pot and it just came back, I thought it was long gone! However now when we move we can take it with us!

Our Cherry tree bloomed earlier this Spring and it was Beautiful!

And our flocks bloomed! So pretty!

I am so proud of Patrick and I for really putting in the hard work. We did all the landscaping ourselves at our house to try and save money. Last year we bought all small plants (another way to save money) and this year it is so neat to see them bloom, blossom, mature, and grow!
God Bless,
Cassie R.

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  1. I'm so impressed! Your house looks like it is really becoming a home. (P.S. I think about you every time I drive home and pass the exit to your town!)