Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Since I have started this journey in November of 2008 (it makes me wanna cry just writing it) I have had several different views about what success really is. In the infertility sphere success is very clearly defined by a positive pregnancy test and a bouncing baby. For so long I have used this scale to measure my life by. No matter how things are going in my life for the past year and a half I have felt unsuccessful. You have no idea what kinda of stress this brings on a person, counting all sense of accomplishment and self worth on a single thing, and more importantly one that you cannot control. Its not as if were not working hard at it, Ive been having more sex than ever before, taking more medication than ever, watching/restricting my diet, gave up coffee, and praying more than you can imagine. Its just no matter what I do I have to realize this is out of my control.
So after this wake up call I started defining success on my own terms. There are simple wins in the infertility world and these achievements mean success in my book! Here are some pf my simple wins in the last two months both infertility and non related.

1. After months and months of studying and classes this Easter I finally became a full fledged Catholic. SUCCESS!
2. Pat and I have grown in our marriage and this infertility glitch has not torn us apart. Even after he drank out of my pee pee cup! SUCCESS!

3. I was able to share my struggle with infertility with the blog world. Hopefully showing people that it is not just older women struggling and hopefully I have inspired others to be more open with people about their own struggles. SUCCESS
4. I have completely changed my household. I no longer use harsh chemicals to clean, we recycle, buy as much organic as we possibly can. This is gonna be a long term lifestyle change but we are going green! SUCCESS!
5. I got a new vacuum cleaner. Not a huge deal but it has made my life a lot easier.I love it so much! It is the best purchase I have ever ever made! Shark Navigator vacuum you are truly a marvel of engineering, I love you! SUCCESS!
6. I underwent a surgery and came out great. The surgery was a complete success and on a really positive note my mother in law came and stayed a few days after the surgery and our relationship has really grown as a result! SUCCESS!
7. Since the surgery we have undergone a really aggressive hormone therapy with injectable drugs. We have a total of 7 injections this month and they all went smoothly, although I did kinda feel like a pin cushion. We were using the follistim pen which is really cool and you keep your medication inside and change out the needles.(If any of you watch Guliana and Bill its the same thing she was doing) and we injected the medicine straight into my tummy! SUCCESS!
8. We went to the doctor on Saturday and I had 3 huge follicles (they produce eggs) and 2 slightly smaller ones! We could have five babies!! SUCCESS!
9. On Monday morning we were inseminated (IUI) and everything is going great! SUCCESS!
10. At my last trip to the library (which is a success in itself, go green!) I found the most amazing book. The Conception Chronicles. I advise ANYONE going through this process to pick up this book. Its amazing! SUCCESS!

Its all about the simple wins!

God Bless,

Cassie R.


  1. What an amazing post! Thinking and Praying for you!

  2. I really admire your candid thoughts on this blog, Cassie. I am praying for you guys.

  3. As we get older I am quickly realizing how hard life is and how much pain there is in the world...perhaps it is also a SUCCESS that most kids are blind to this...however, I loved this post. Thank you for the reminder that it is important to focus on the good things in life. Stay positive and more good will come your way. I will definitely be thinking of you and Pat during this difficult time.