Monday, August 31, 2009

Lazy Days!

With the recent chaos that has overtaken my life, my husband and I were blessed enough to have a few of the laziest days ever! We are currently on the garage floor part of our fabulous garage makeover and the wonderful parts about the 2-part epoxy system is that #1 it takes 20 minutes to apply, #2 it looks nice and clean and, #3 after you put it on you have to wait 3 whole days before walking on it again! This has been a wonderful way to relax and enjoy each other and it has given us the first weekend with absolutely NOTHING to do since we moved to Jasper. I have spent two whole days lounging on the beach (at the lake) and watching TV in my pajamas! How wonderful! The garage floor will be dry tomorrow night so right now i am going to take the time to relax and enjoy my husband!

I hope everybody's weekends were as relaxing as mine!

God Bless,

Even Chip got into the spirit of things lounging in his room!


  1. adorable picture of your sleepy puppy :)

  2. can't wait to see what your garage looks like when it all done!

    and i second that comment. your puppy is precious!