Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get Ready for Wednesday Night! And the chaos that is my life!

So sorry about my long blog vacation. My husband and I have been very busy. With Patrick's job we always run the chance of a promotion. A promotion would normally be a blessing to a newly wed couple... more money, better title, bigger office and, better options. Well we live in fear of a promotion. A promotion for us means more than likely relocation, which wouldn't be a problem except in Patrick's company the standard operating procedure for a promotion is as follows- Friday get the good news via phone or e-mail, Saturday & Sunday travel time to the new destination, Monday start your new job. Well this leaves wifey and Chip at home stuck with all the messy details like getting a house ready for sale and waiting for an offer! So like I said, we live in constant fear of a promotion!
With this fear hanging over our heads it means we are constantly updating and making improvements to our house, however we can leave no project un-finished or take our time to do it! Right now we are in the process of finish drywalling our garage. It was a huge undertaking and we should have never tried to do it ourselves! I have a whole huge plan for the garage and since I am an HGTVnut I know that when staging a house the garage is not a garage it is another room! SO with that in mind Pat and I are making our garage fit for a king! I'll surely show pictures when were done, if our backs don't break in the mean time!
The only thing getting me through this week is my anxious excitement for Wednesday night! This Wednesday VH1 is showing the first part in their series of the Beatles Anthology!!! If you couldn't guess from my blog title I am a huge Beatles nut! I can't wait I am so excited everybody should tune in!!!
Oh and on a light note Grandpa is doing great!!! The surgery had a few unexpected complications and was nearly double the time, but he is now at home recovering and swiftly I might add!
Sorry about the randomness that is this post, but take it as a metaphor for my life right. I feel like my life is in chaos and we are only renovating the garage! I can't imagine a whole house! I hate having all our stuff in the drive way, standing guard for the ever threatening Jasper Yard Sale maven- THIS IS NOT A YARD SALE! WERE FIXING OUR GARAGE!!! ahhh my life is in shambles and a bit chaotic.... just like this post.
I hope your days are more organized, less chaotic than mine and of course filled with love!
God Bless,

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