Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Day at the Lake!

Playing with the new camera, panoramic!

Pat and Chip, daddy's best friend

That's right I love to go fishing, although I'm not very good. Especially considering the rest of Pat's family is amazing and does it all the time. Practice makes perfect!
I loved the look of this dock, weathered paint and stenciled letters. I Just thought it was beautiful in the water.

Trophy Fish!

Aqua Dog!

Patrick and I had so much fun taking some time out to go to Patoka lake Sunday Evening. We took Chip to teach him how to swim and he loved the water... after a little coaxing. With having a wet dog on a leash both of us didn't get the quality fishing time we wanted, instead we switched off with my pole and took turns. If you notice in all the pictures Pat was using my pole the "Pink Lady"! There she is in all her glory my pink fishing pole that lights up when you reel! I didn't catch anything but Pat caught some whoppers as you can see from the pictures! haha Well it was just nice to be outdoors doing something we both love and being together (without cell phone reception) for a few hours! What amazing weekend that makes two in a row!
God Bless!

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  1. Sassy Cassie (oh how i miss that!)

    so good to hear from you. i have been reading your blog for a little while now! thought i would take the plunge myself. I am so happy your life is going so wonderfully! you still are as gorgeous as ever and i hope we can stay connected through our blogs!

    your lake trip looked wonderful and i am so glad you and the hubby are doing so great. also...that pup is PRECIOUS!